The Barlow Project


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300 Men from Edgworth, Chapeltown and Entwistle

The Barlow is a community centre in Edgworth that was built for the village in 1909 by the local landowner and philanthropist, Sir Thomas Barlow. It contains a Registered War Memorial of 144 fading sepia photographs of men from the area who took part in World War 1. These men and many others have been researched and all the biographies can be viewed here:

The Barlow Project

Many of the names on the local war memorials were not amongst the 144 photographs, so these names were added. It was also discovered that many of the men in the photographs had brothers who were also involved in the war, so they were added. Eventually, the tally of names researched reached almost 300.

66 further photographs have been added as a result of the research and they can all be viewed at The Barlow, Bolton Road, Edgworth (01204 852216) at any time.

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Images Copyright – The Barlow

One thought on “The Barlow Project


    Congratulation to all involved in this project- It is important to keep these memories for the village and for future generations to see. Well done- and thank you for the e mail Anita Forth

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